Hamilton’s Ultra Fat Burner (caffeine free)

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Hamilton’s Ultra Fat Burner (caffeine free)


Our TRUE Thermogenic capsules help your body burn fat without sacrificing your muscle, while increasing your stamina, preventing fatigue and helping you stay focused as you promote fat transfer into useable energy.  It will not stimulate adrenalin and it will not lead to muscle breakdown or  adrenal exhaustion . It burns Fat NOT Muscle which is a key to your metabolism. Great for anyone ranging from the casual exerciser as a  motivational tool or the  intense elite athlete.


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Each capsule contains: MACA (gelatinised),  L-Arginine Hcl, Caffeine anhydrous, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Beta-Alanine,  ketone peptide.

Dosage: Take ONE capsule 20minutes before exercise or on an empty stomach. Never take two capsules together and each dose at least 4hours apart not later than 3pm (caffeine may keep you awake)