Liver and Glucose Tolerance

Ursolic Complex

There are many key essential elements to help keep the liver functioning correctly , rejuvenating its enzymes and promoting detoxification.  As a major organ in metabolising and processing it is essential for our bodies to keep it functioning at its ultimate.

Liver congestion can cause hormone imbalances, high cholesterol and changes in metabolism of many medications.  Everyday life and exposure to pollutants, heavy metal burden, toxins,  additives and many preservatives can cause this liver congestion.

Some natural elements that may help with liver and glucose control may include:

Ursolic Acid: increases skeletal muscle activity and stimulates muscle growth, decreasing white adipose fat, improves fatty liver disease and glucose tolerance.  As a result, ursolic acid increased skeletal muscle mass, fast and slow muscle fibre size, grip strength and exercise capacity.  Increasing the amount of muscle and brown fat and decreasing white fat obesity. Ursolic increases energy expenditure, leading to reduced obesity, improved glucose tolerance and improved fatty liver disease.

Ursolic acid was found to be a weak aromatase inhibitor and emerged as the most likely inhibitor of muscle atrophy.  Also may be capable of inhibiting various cancer cell types decreasing their proliferation.  More potent derivative in anti tumour agents .

Also has a potential for cardio protection.

Nicotinic Acid (B3):  Flushing active form of B3, causing vasodilation to enhance distribution around activity within the white fat.

Globe Artichoke : may possess diuretic, choleretic, lower cholesterol, lower lipids, and hepatostimulating properties.

Carnitine, Choline, Chromium, Methionine, Alanine, Zinc, Methionine, Aspartic acid, Threonine and many more

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