Essential Weightloss

Ultra Fat Burner PreWorkout

TRUE Thermogenesis   helps your body burn fat without sacrificing your muscle, while increasing your stamina, preventing fatigue and helping you stay focused as you promote fat transfer into useable energy.  It will not stimulate adrenalin and it will not lead to muscle breakdown or  adrenal exhaustion .

A few elements that and many more may be considered helpful

Beta-Alanine: Natural amino acid acts as an ergogenic aid : increases high-intensity exercise, performance and capacity. It delays the onset of muscle fatigue, elevates the muscles carnosine levels and attenuates the fall in blood pH during high intensity exercise (lactic acid is raised H+ ions)

Arginine Hcl: increases blood flow and improves blood vessel function. Promotes ammonia detox, protein synthesis, immunomodulator. increases collagen deposition in wounds.

Caffeine anhydrous:  stimulates your body to generate heat and energy from digesting food. Prevents fatigue by preventing glycogen usage and promotes fat utilization as the priority energy source.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: essential for fat metabolism, it transports fatty acids so they can be burned to release energy. Has beneficial cardio protective effects also. Energy release within the cell.

sports medicineAt Hamilton’s we can customise many formulations to assist with weight loss. Please call or come into store and we can counsel what is best for yo

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