Muscle Atrophy

Some Essential elements may aid in Lean muscle growth aiding recovery and fat loss. Some of these elements have been  clinically proven  for over 20 years.  They also may help strengthen bones and tendons and enhance cellular metabolism.

These elements that prevent muscle breakdown essentially have NO Hormone altering effects (testosterone or Oestrogen) as they naturally occur

No muscle wastage means it can be said to have a PURE anabolic effect.

There are many elements that may help save muscle to promote a good metabolism.  Muscle is our metabolism and we need to protect it from wastage to maintain its  optimal functioning.  Muscle is also essential and has been proven to aid heart patients, as loss of muscle means a lack of support for the lymphatic system and cardiovascular detriment.

Essential elements that may help prevent muscle breakdown and decrease chances of becoming catabolic may include:


5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone: synthetic extract version of a major plant based compound.  The methylated form means it becomes highly anabolic with NO hormone action compared to ipriflavone (older anabolic). Useful in treating catabolism (muscle wasting) , pathological thinness.

Potentially increases calcium, potassium, and nitrogen retention, as well as suppression of cortisol without androgenic (hormone) or liver damaging effects.

  • Potentially increases muscle mass by increasing nitrogen retention
  • Helps suppress cortisol levels and spare muscle mass
  • May aid in the reduction of fat by suppressing appetite and transporting nutrients away from fat tissue

Methoxy has a short half life and is destroyed in the stomach before it reaches the liver, (forget about protein powders that claim to contain it), it will be destroyed in the stomach before it even reaches the bloodstream.

Sublingual products in a liposomal delivery system appear to be the ideal way to absorb methoxy.

L-Glutathione, Essential Fatty acids, R-alpha-Lipoic acid, Co-Enz Q 10, Taurine, Selenium, Carnosine are also elements that prevent muscle atrophy.

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