New Cell Development

Natural Growth Hormone

Essential elements are required to feel younger and be refreshed and may promote a longer life.  If you want to have more energy, or have been sick for a long period and need a boost, then essential elements may just replace what a total body system needs..

Essential elements can be used to stimulate   and be  precursor elements  designed to naturally boost growth levels, reverse the effects of aging, increase energy levels, libido and performance, as well as maximise recovery and restoration.

Some essential elements that may help boost a natural system and aid recovery through cells and precursor elements may be

L-Glutamine: one of the protein building blocks.  Studies show Glutamine increases protein synthesis, decreases muscle breakdown and enhances immune function.

L-Ornithine: a stimulant for growth hormone release. It is also helpful in building the immune system, promoting healing, and supporting liver regeneration.

L-Arginine: necessary for normal functioning of the pituitary gland.

L-Lysine: plays an important role in the production of hormones, antibodies and enzymes , also in the repair of damaged tissues.

L-Taurine:  enhances glucose and amino acid transport to the muscle cells.

Many more precursor elements may be of specific benefit and we can help create a formula designed personally , please call or come in store and we can spend time to create this for you.

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