Male Hormones

Bio-identical Hormones for Men
Hormone changes are a natural part of the ageing process. Unlike the more dramatic change that occurs for women during menopause a males hormone changes occur more gradually – over many years.
Hormone production and testosterone bioavailability decline more gradually. Change in sexual function, energy level or mood – tend to be subtle and unnoticed.
Age-related hormone changes in men tend to be termed ‘Andropause’ , other terms may be testosterone deficiency, androgen deficiency and late onset hypogonadism.

Emotional changes, changes in sexual function, physical changes and changes in sleep patterns all indicate a decline in male hormones.
As for women the choice of synthetic or natural hormone therapy replacement is up to the individual but given the correct information and monitoring bio-identical hormone therapy that is individual and not mass produced / tailor made is usually a preferred option for control.



    Interested in your hormone therapy ,what are your Bio -identical Hormones for men .

  2. Hi Keane
    We do all Bio-identical hormone replacement compounds and it is created according to your pathology requirements. The best thing would be to give us a call and we can organise pathology then an analysis for the correct formulation to be manufactured.

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