The Quality of Your Health is a Reflection of the Quality Choice of your Ingredient -
This is why you should Choose us.

HAMILTON’S COMPOUNDING is a select specialty pharmacy which can still provide custom made pharmaceuticals through unique compounding procedures and techniques.  Our pharmacy has close communication with practitioners and their patients to achieve the best possible health and well being.

Our focus is doing whatever we can as a professional team to create the best possible treatment to optimise therapy and outcome.  Principal Pharmacist, Felecia Hamilton, has over 16 years of experience with compounding and has  post graduate courses aswell as her bachelor of pharmacy to specialise in nutrition, sports medicine, modification of body processes and bio-identical hormone therapies.

Felecia is a pharmacist and health practitioner who over sees her other pharmacists and compounding technicians to create the right drug, its correct route of administration and dosage for optimal treatment results.

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